At last…

At last …. last weekend was it finally time to test a real camera again. It’s been a while since last time and there is little difference between the manual camera I used 30 years ago and the digital version which I have now. I went to Lithuania with my wife and daughter. Flights to Kaunas and a few days there before we rented a car to take us to Trakai and Vilnius. Flight back from Kaunas.

Lots of images available everywhere and my traveling companion was understanding that I almost always wanted to take pictures … Now I have posted some pictures from the trip on flickr, I do not have time to develop weak voices as I like, but if it took thirty years to get back on track, so maybe I should not be impatient.

But please visit my page on flickr. I’m starting to get some comments from people who also are on flickr, fun to get some comments from around the world. A little difference compared to the exhibits that I experienced thirty years ago, then it was friends and family and a few who happened to come by, but now my images can get a comment from the other side of the world.

At the same time I realized how many people there are who are inspired by sharing their pictures, it’s really something of weak voices… an incredible amount of images that are constantly uploaded on flickr. It is wonderful to see lots of other people’s pictures and among them find images that move me, think how much better it has become.

Best regards Johan

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