Weak voices

When I was around 20 years so I was involved in the association “The black hole” where I was privileged to learn the basics of taking pictures by some really talented people. Something that I am grateful for and it is now time for me to get started again 30 years later …. but it’s not too late to start again. This blog is a way for me to share with you the pictures I take and a way for me to get some structure in the way I spread my pictures.

Meanwhile, in “The black hole” we had a show as we called ‘weak voices’. A quote from a photographer W Eugene Smith. The name “weak voices” refers to the fact that most images that we see every day passes without us react or notice these images. But sometimes we see something that concerns or causes us to pause for a while, as if we heard a weak voice, a voice that made  us pause for a bit and consider what it was that made us pause a while. I always like to try to find images that communicate just that. But it’s up to you to see if you can find such a weak voice among my pictures.

1 thought on “Weak voices

  1. Hej Johan!
    Vilket trevligt initiativ att återuppväcka se svaga rösterna och påminna om Svarta Hålet-dagarna, som väl ligger ett kvarts sekel och mer bakom oss.
    Ska bli kul att följa dina fortsatta förehavanden.
    By the way: fotografen som tillskrevs citatet om svaga röster var W Eugene Smith.

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